The round world of bagels.

New York Bagels

The hallmark of taste and variety

Traditionally Bagels are made without fat just from flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt. To make our Bagels one of a kind we adjust two things: rest and steam.

This is what makes our Bagels crunchy on the outside and soft inside. It not only gives the extraordinary taste but also gives its wholesomeness.


Rest/ Time





Everything else can be chosen individually from our broad range of ingredients.

Once you’ve tried it we promise you will never forget it!


One Bagel ...

…endless opportunities

New York Bagels are real all-rounders: they’re great as a snack or sandwich, they can be just a bite on a buffet or make your whole lunch, simple with just cream cheese or fancy, Italian style. And a splodge of marmalade even turns it into a sweet treat!

Get your…
piece of New York!


We make...

Muffin dreams come true.

Close your eyes and think of your dream Muffin. Our answer: we got it!

And it’s made by the best quality ingredients. Everything else is your sweet choice!



Mhhhmmm Brownies

What’s for dessert today?

Our Brownies are so super chocaholic delicious they will take you to chocolate heaven!

Just sit down and enjoy dessert Paradise!


Chewy chewy Cookies.

Palm-sized crispy on the outside chewy on the inside our cookies are a real treat!