Great Ideas

Come from the USA

So did ours

Chicago 1996: Bagel Bakery founder Christian Kiefer is sitting on the terrace of a snack restaurant enjoying a fresh Bagel Sandwich. He immediately falls for the extraordinary dough creation.

The question is why such a great product isn’t available in Germany. He decides to set out on a mission to bring Bagels to the German public. 

He gets educated in the original American manufacturing process in Bakeries in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. Four years later, in the summer of 2000 the Bagel Bakery GmbH has its grand opening in the town of Zeitz.

Thanks to our spirit of innovation the Bagel Bakery GmbH today is a pioneer in many areas of authentic American bakery goods. We are constantly looking at new products and ways to deliver the highest quality levels for our customers.

May be even for you?

„Bagels were a completely new product. People thought it was a donut or a roll with a hole. We got asked the strangest questions.“

Christian Kiefer
Founder and Managing Director

A ring...

…takes over the world

The birth of this delicious, dough is reported to have happened in 1680 in Vienna. Later the Jewish immigrants brought it back to the American east coast.

And since the 1990’s it has a growing fan base in Europe too.

Please do not



Bagels are traditionally made only from flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt without any fat.

Rest in time

Our very special ingredient: rest!


Since summer 2000 our Bagels come from the heart of Germany.

Our recipe for success…?


Our people are the key to our success. Without the passion and effort of our team, we would not be where we are today. We have grown from just 5 people in the year 2000 to 150 today.

We are particularly keen to encourage young people to be able to start a career at Bagel Bakery. For many years we have been supporting apprenticeships in food technologies. As a student you can write your final dissertation in the various disciplines such as marketing, product- and quality management or distribution.

We love to play an active role in our community and we support local schools and organisations to promote social initiatives in our region.

As everything else with us:  it’s a well-rounded affair!

We are

proud of

We only use the very best ingredients for our Bagel dough

Raw Bagels on their way to the bain-marie

For 18 years our products stand for handpicked quality

Our fresh baked Bagels coming from the oven


...has its price

But we also combine efficiency with the highest quality standards, as recognized by our global accreditations. Since September 2005 the Bagel Bakery GmbH has been IFS certified.

In terms of awards: there has been many over the years and we frequently win DLG gold or silver medals for our premium quality. Gold for New York Bagel Vital and our super delicious Sugarbabes muffins.

Specially selected



with the


We use specially selected, regional ingredients. Some come from controlled organic cultivation. We use sugar from Zeitz, eggs coming from Saxony and of course our main ingredient flour coming from Magdeburg.

Only the best is good enough.

You can count on us...


At your favorite Coffee Shop or when you had breakfast in a hotel. Most definitely you already tried one of our products without even knowing it. That’s because we deliver to wholesalers, caterers, supermarkets, delivery services, coffee shops and of course Bagel restaurants all over Germany and Europe, Australia and the middle east. We supply our products either as frozen or freshly baked goods, sometimes under our own brand and sometimes under our customers.

We thrive on meeting the needs of our customers. Innovation is our specialty. So if you are looking for that special something on your menu:

Talk to us!





„To realise our customers’ ideas, finding individual solutions that’s what drives us!“
Christian Kiefer the visionary leader of the Bagel Bakery